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About Us

Living in Guildford is the first community driven, hyper-local online business directory and information source to be launched under Living in Surrey. Its prime audience comprises homemakers and their families.

The site champions local businesses by giving them a unique online presence with a free listing and the option to go premium.

Users can access more local events, businesses and offers than those available on any other single site.

For retailers, the site offers an opportunity to get up close and personal with local shoppers which is necessary in order to survive and compete, not only with national chains but also online retailers including Amazon.

Going Premium?

Premium account holders are charged for direct website links and business reviews which are written by a team of journalists dedicated to keeping information accurate, timely, fresh and relevant.

Each premium account holder can sign into a forum and communicate with other independent retailers about local news, events and customers.

Living In Guildford is the only site driven by the needs of the town's visitors and consumers.